Russia, China, terrorism regarded as major threats to US

08:31, 04 December 2020
Russia, China, terrorism regarded as major threats to US Photo: Sergey Bulkin/

Russia, China, and terrorists are challenges that the United States must face, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Mark Milley has said.

Russia, North Korea, Iran, terrorists, many things are happening and will happen, Milley said, speaking at the virtual defense forum.

The threat from China is also significant, he said. According to the committee chief, in the coming decades, the PRC will try to balance the capabilities of its army with the American as China intends to achieve a strong military that can act in space, cyberspace, and on the ground.

Earlier, the US Congress Future of Defense Task Force (FDTF) Commission prepared an 87-page report in which it outlined the main directions of the country's military development for the coming decades. The commission was created in the fall of 2019 to develop a strategy for confronting Russia and China. Congressmen call Moscow and Beijing the main threat to the United States and give the Pentagon recommendations on neutralizing it. First of all, analysts insist on the development of artificial intelligence (AI). In their opinion, the traditional methods of warfare will soon become a thing of the past. Conflicts will begin with targeted attacks by hackers.

Congressmen recommend providing for deep integration of AI into all types of promising military equipment for the Pentagon. They also see China as a leader in biotechnology and defense against related threats. Congress members list a new generation of combat viruses that can act selectively, for example, hitting only representatives of a specific ethnic group, as a possible effective weapon. A pest crop that will devastate the fields can cause hunger in the enemy country. reported earlier that NATO considered Russia to be the main military threat to the security of the alliance until at least 2030.