Russia poses acute threat to UK, British top general says

12:25, 27 November 2021
Russia poses acute threat to UK, British top general says Photo:С7

UK Defense Chief of Staff Nicholas Carter told the Telegraph on Friday that Russia is more of a threat to the United Kingdom than any extremist groups. 

According to Carter, the world changes faster and more strongly than back in the era of both world wars of the 20th century.

He said that in 2014 when he took over as Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, there was a debate about whether the main threat was coming from violent extremism or Russia. According to the general, "it seemed that it was from extremism."

“In 2018 there was an attack on the Skripal family in Salisbury. It has become abundantly clear that Russia poses the most acute threat to our country," Carter said.

In addition, the British general admitted that "nothing can replace the intergovernmental dialogue, including with the Russians, for a better understanding of each other." The general added that the UK is also concerned about China's military-political maneuvers and is "closely following" Iran's activities in the Middle East.

Earlier, the Bloomberg agency reported that Russia is massively redeploying its troops allegedly to be prepared for the upcoming conflict with Ukraine.

On November 11, Bloomberg reported that US officials informed their European colleagues about concerns about a possible Russian military operation in Ukraine.

The Kremlin called such statements misinformation and said that several American media outlets are being used for a targeted information campaign against Russia.