Russia’s crew arrives in Greece to assist country in firefighting

12:40, 11 August 2021
Russia’s crew arrives in Greece to assist country in firefighting Photo: BY-SA 3.0

Russia’s Il-76 plane landed in Athens International Airport in Greece on Tuesday evening to help Greek emergency services to fight massive blazes that have been devastating the country for over ten days, according to the TASS News Agency.

The Russian aircraft crew will unite with Greek services to negotiate over the plans for the fire extinguishing and to organize its process.

According to the Russian Embassy sources, one more Il-76 is to come to Greece soon.

Also, an AN-124 heavy transport aircraft was set up to deliver two Mi-18 helicopters late Tuesday that would participate in the firefighting mission.

A Russian multi-role amphibious plane Be-200 has been in Greece since June, assisting the Greek emergency services in fighting the fires.

Greek wildfires have considerably damaged the infrastructure, turning everything on their way to ashes. More than 150 fires have been announced within six days, and several areas have been put on high alert. It led to numerous evacuations across the country, however, some residents refused to escape areas in a fear of losing their properties, helping the firefighters to extinguish the blaze. The residents complained about the lack of assistance from the government, so they were risking their lives to save estates and the part of the home country as well.