Russian top doctor presumes Biden has brain issues

18:28, 09 August 2021
Russian top doctor presumes Biden has brain issues Photo: Joe Biden REUTERS

Awkward gaffes of Joe Biden might be related to brain issues or sclerotic vessels, according to Russian Federal News agency, citing the member of State Duma and Russian top epidemiologist Gennadiy Onishchenko.

“Biden, most likely, has sclerotic vessels. Memory loss, forgetfulness, rambling – are the consequences.” – Onishchenko said.

The epidemiologist emphasized that such actions don’t mean any kind of disease for the US' President, but frequent bloopers and rambling are the result of his age.

Onishchenko reminded that the majority of the US’ lawmakers are over 70 and have vast life experience. However, Joe Biden’s genetics is not “strong”, despite his working capacity, Onishchenko added.

The doctor added that he watched closely the Putin-Biden meeting in Geneva that took place on June 16 and hadn’t noted any presence of illnesses.

Americans and other people around the world have been witnessing Biden’s gaffes and forgetfulness. In April, during Biden’s speech regarding the Russian-American relations the US President had trouble legibly pronouncing the Russian President’s surname.

Joe Biden, who became the American President in January 2021, is currently 78-years-old.

Gennadiy Onishchenko is a member of the State Duma and the main epidemiologist of Russian Federation as well. He was the Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia from 1996 to 2014. He is also a member of Russian Academy of Sciences since 2013, a member of Russian Academy of Medical Science since 2002, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor and honored doctor of Russia and Kyrgyzstan.