Сhinese, Russian warships jointly sail through Japan strait

13:59, 19 October 2021
Сhinese, Russian warships jointly sail through Japan strait Photo: Xinhua/Global Look Press

A number of 10 Chinese and Russian warships sailed through the Japan strait which separates mainland Japan from Hokkaido island.

The Japanese side said that it is closely monitoring the ships’ activities as despite being considered international waters Russia’s and China’s passage in the area is alerting Japan.

That is due to the fact that both China and Russia have territorial claims against Japan.

China, for example, argues that the Senkaku Islands must belong to China.

This is the first time Japan reports such a passage.

"The government is closely watching Chinese and Russian naval vessels' activities around Japan like this one with high interest," Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihiko Isozaki said in a statement.

"We will continue to do our utmost in our surveillance activity in waters and airspace around Japan," he added.

Until now there was no violation of international law and the ships did not trespass the Japanese waters. 

Following the worsening of relations with Western countries China and Russia began cooperating in various fields including the military domain.

The ships which passed the Japan strait may be a part of the joint naval drill that took place between the 14th and the 17th of October.