Son of killed in July Moise reveals he got in ambush that day

16:58, 07 November 2021
Son of killed in July Moise reveals he got in ambush that day Photo: SergeyBulkin/

The son of the assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moise, Joverlein Moise, has revealed that he got in an ambush that day when his father was brutally killed by a large group of assassins in his residence in Haiti, on July 7.

The revelation has been made during his participation in “Le Point” Radio-Télé Métropole.

Joverlein Moise said that on that day he was accompanied by his wife and guards while getting in an ambush. But they managed to escape because of highly qualified bodyguards.

The son of the killed President said that he possesses more information regarding the assassination and the data is being kept for the further investigation.

The President of Haiti was lethally wounded on July 7 at his residence, and his wife was at the same residence with the president and she was also attacked by gunmen, but luckily survived and. She fled in Miami to take treatment. The assassination took place, allegedly, due to the crisis in the country, along with hunger, gang violence, and political divisions. The crime resulted in more than 40 arrests, including the citizens of Columbia, five US citizens and five law enforcement officers.