Taiwan issue to be main goal in Biden talks, China’s source says

12:04, 15 November 2021
Taiwan issue to be main goal in Biden talks, China’s source says Photo: imagebroker/Guenter Fischer/Global Look Press

President of the US Joe Biden and China’s Xi Jinping are planning to hold an online meeting in which the main message from the Chinese side will be telling the US to “step back” on Taiwan concerns, according to the China Daily.

The negotiations are scheduled to take place on Tuesday morning Beijing time while for the US it will happen on Monday evening Washington time. The relations between the two countries are still tense as there are many issues to resolve, including technology, trade, Xinjiang and Taiwan.

However, among these topics the main one remains Taiwan as the Chinese source wrote: “The Taiwan question is the ultimate red line of China.” 

It proceeded that the US must “step back” on the Taiwan issue in order to prevent a “strategic collision” between the two countries and show its reticence.

Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi in a call with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Saturday told the US to refuse “sending the wrong signals” to the Taiwan forces. Both also discussed the subject of the forthcoming remote meeting of Xi and Biden.

Earlier on July 1, Chinese Xi Jinping in his speech to the nation during the celebration of the 100 anniversary of founding the Communist party said that a runaway province (Taiwan) must be united with China. Taiwan’s MAC strictly responded to the Chinese claims saying that China was in an attempt to suppress democracy, violate human rights and it has grown more dictatorial domestically. 

China calls Taiwan a runaway province repeatedly promoting the idea of reunification with the island and once it said that Taiwan can be taken by force if needed.