Thousands march in Melbourne to oppose new pandemic laws

12:51, 13 November 2021
Thousands march in Melbourne to oppose new pandemic laws Photo:

Thousands of people in Melbourne rushed to the streets on Saturday, demanding to cancel the vaccine mandate and showing disagreement towards new pandemic laws.

The protests re-erupted as the dates of the vaccine requirements are on the doorstep. Thus the deadline for the mandatory vaccination approached construction workers, who are ordered to get jabbed by Saturday, and all the tradies who are required to have gotten double vaccine doses by the same day.

Those who work as a carer in homes for the elderly have to prove they have been vaccinated by Monday. 

By November 26, around 1 million of the essential state’s employees have to be inoculated twice.

The disgruntled crowd chanted “sack Dan Andrews” and “kill the bill” when they occupied the central business district. 

The footage shows a protestor carrying self-made artificial gallows with three loops attached to it.

Many of the protestors similized the current government's policy towards the pandemic to the oppressive regime as the leader of the United Australia party Craig Kelly addressed the crowd in front of Parliament House, condemning vaccine passports as well as vaccination for children.

Kelly denounced “medical bureaucracy” that the government supports and vowed that his party would “bring Daniel Andrews to his knees” as soon as the following federal elections start.

The current state of emergency will last until December 15 as the government plans to establish new laws regarding the pandemic and measures against it in the country. The legislation has to pass the Lower House and then the Upper House to be approved and subsequently to take effect. The Victorian Parliament’s last meeting day is set to take place on December 2.

New laws will grant the premier and health minister possibilities to declare a pandemic and make public health orders and reduce powers of the chief health officer.