Tibetan activists detained before Beijing Olympics torch lighting ceremony

17:08, 18 October 2021
Tibetan activists detained before Beijing Olympics torch lighting ceremony Photo: Li Gang/ Look Press

During the solemn event, four people have been detained at the ancient Olympia site, Greece, after they exposed a flag of Tibet and another one saying “No genocide games”.

On Monday four Tibetan activists were carried away from the torch-lighting ceremony for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics after they had shown a flag of Tibet and a banner with a "No genocide games" caption.

Greek security forces took the protesters to the police station in ancient Olympia. The group which consists of three women and a man is currently detained but not arrested.

Police representatives have said that they were not sure about the group’s future.

"We do not know yet how it will develop. We are unable to provide any information so far," a police official said.

Two activists were arrested on Sunday for exposing a banner saying "Free Hong Kong - Revolution" and a Tibetan flag at the Acropolis site. Further actions are expected to take place on Tuesday when the Greek party will hand over the torch to China’s organizers.

Beijing’s Winter Olympics will be held on February 4-20. They have already drawn much criticism over alleged human rights violations, particularly those targeting the Uyghurs, as well as the PRC’s crackdown on Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tibet.

The torch-lighting ceremony was held this morning at the ancient Olympia site. The torch will be now transferred to the Greek capital Athens where the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee representatives will get it to move back to China.