Tourists in Turkey are being evacuated as wildfire threaten resorts (PHOTO)

13:07, 01 August 2021
Tourists in Turkey are being evacuated as wildfire threaten resorts (PHOTO) Photo: Unsplash

Turkish emergency services have started evacuating tourists from beaches with the use of boats and yachts in south-western part of the country as threatening wildfires approached hotels and villages.

Coastguard vessels with the assistance of private boats were deployed to deliver tourists to the safe area, according to local media.

In the city of Bodrum, three 5* hotels were urgently evacuated.

The wildfires, which have been burning since Wednesday, killed 8 people, 2 of the deceased were reported on Saturday. More than 100 separated fires engulfed Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean coasts – the most populated regions by tourists.

Officials have reported that all the blazes, except 10, were under control.

The dramatic footage uploaded to social media showed how residents and holidaymakers in a rush were escaping from the affected area with their belongings.

The investigation tends to suggest that wildfires could have started deliberately amid reports that one arsonist has been detained. Earlier, two children admitted that they were burning books in the forest in the Aegean province of Muğla, Marmaris. Their motive has not yet been called.

President Tayyip Erdogan vowed that the government would do everything that is possible to assist affected people in restoring their lives ruined by the massive wildfires.

Erdogan added that aircraft from Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Ukraine are assisting in extinguishing devastating fires.