Trump to run new social media platform Truth Social

09:28, 21 October 2021
Trump to run new social media platform Truth Social Photo: White House/Global Look Press

Former President of the US, Donald Trump made an announcement regarding the launch of a new social media, called Truth social which is expected to start its run in the following year.

Trump said he pursued a goal to challenge other media giants like Facebook and Twitter, which have put the former president on the ban list. Being banned, Trump said that the ban from using media giants hampered him to run his career properly. 

Trump's account on Twitter has been banned during his presidency after the Capitol riots dated by January 6 this year.

“I’m excited to soon begin sharing my thoughts on Truth social and to fight back against big tech,” Trump said.

The name of the expected Facebook tech rival, Truth social, was trademarked in July 2021.

The news of Trump launching the platform came publicly as the press release was issued on Wednesday. It informed that the Truth social will be initially available only for the “invited users” within the beta test and scheduled to welcome the first allowed netizens in November.

The new media platform will be an out-turn of Trump Media & Technology Group and, which has entered into a definitive merger agreement with Digital World Acquisition and the company said it aims to be publicly listed.

Truth social is reasonably offline at the moment, however, there are screenshots in the Apple App Store, which show how the menu of the platform will look like. It indicates an astounding similarity to Twitter, thus may suggest that the war between Trump and the opposing social giant in face of Twitter has only begun.

Earlier, Trump sued Facebook and Twitter for the alleged attempt to censor him, depriving him of an opportunity to speak before the wide range of public. Before the ban came into effect Trump had 80 million followers on Twitter.

Former President kept slamming social media for the bans, directly speaking upon the fact that the terrorist organization, the Taliban*, could share the success of its armed insurgents gradually capturing provinces across Afghanistan while Trump himself couldn’t share his opinion or his outlook due to the ban. 

*Taliban is a terror organization banned in the US, Russia, and many other countries.