UK urged to take action against China over the Uyghur problem

16:13, 08 July 2021
UK urged to take action against China over the Uyghur problem Photo: Alberto Pezzali/Global Look Press

A member of the United Kingdom’s parliament Tom Tugendhat stated that stronger action against China must be taken saying that the lack of sanctions is allowing China to “nest the dragon deeper and deeper into British life”.

Earlier, the UK’s government was urged by a group of influential lawmakers to take tougher action against the Chinese communist party for its bad treatment of the Uyghur minority. 

Among the methods that were proposed to be used is the partial winter Olympics boycott which means that no official governmental delegates would be sent to the event as well as a cotton trade ban that would target cotton produced in Xinjiang.  

Moreover, the UK's foreign affairs committee issued a report on the Uyghur problem in which it called for a boycott on all products from Chinese companies where forced labour is used. In the above-mentioned report it was said:

“The Chinese government is responsible for the mass detention of more than a million Uyghurs, for forcing them into industrial-scale forced labour programmes, and for attempting to wipe out Uyghur and Islamic culture in the region through forced sterilisation of women, destruction of cultural sites, and separation of children from families.”

Alica Kearns a member of parliament of the United Kingdom said:

“It’s time for big boy politics. You cannot work with any partner on a best friend basis. We are the mother of all parliaments and if we are not willing to speak up for those that others seek to silence, then what parliament is going to do it?”

The US has already introduced trade sanctions on China as well targeting cotton producers who are believed to use Uyghur’s forced labour.