US develops plan to crush Russia in full-scale war in Europe, report says

14:40, 11 June 2021
US develops plan to crush Russia in full-scale war in Europe, report says Photo: NATO/

The US and NATO are hatching plans to crush Russia in a massive, full-scale war across the European continent, using Alliance's full arsenal of capabilities, the National Interest wrote.

Pentagon leaders and its NATO allies would need to leverage the full benefits of new networking to implement the US Defense Ministry plans, media said. The scenario may start with "a Polish F-35 coming across time-sensitive targets such as Russian ships in the Baltic Sea, and instantly send coordinates to a US Navy destroyer operating within range to fire an anti-ship missile". 

"Perhaps that same Polish F-35 is flying with Danish and Norwegian F-35s while controlling forward operating drones from the cockpit, one of which discovers Russian air defenses near the Ukrainian border," the reporter guessed.

If connected by a common data link, the allied F-35s would be able to quickly send targeting data to US Army ground units armed with long-range precision fires.

"What we're aiming to address is the challenges of data fusion, in synchronization across enclaves. So we're looking at the consolidation of redundant mission partner applications and networks and integrating strategic and tactical systems," US Director for Command, Control, Communications and Cyber (USINDOPACOM​) Jacqueline Brown told the press.

According to the media, Pentagon needs to ensure dispersed, yet heavily armed allied informational connectivity to identify targets, fire long-range weapons, and share time-sensitive data under high-threat conditions. 

Yet, US military experts admit that American servicemen have a lot of sources of information in Europe, but the greater part of this information is still piped in making it difficult to share with NATO partners.