US freezes Afghan bank’s assets from Taliban

13:25, 18 August 2021
US freezes Afghan bank’s assets from Taliban Photo: Stringer/XinHua/Global Look Press

The US froze the assets of Afghanistan’s central bank and stopped providing Afghanistan with money in an attempt to pressure the Taliban and deprive them of accessing the assets of the former government.

The total sum of the frozen assets accounts for $9.5 billion.

Until now the Taliban remains listed in the Treasury’s Department’s sanction designation list which means that until the Taliban is in power the US will not continue investing in projects in Afghanistan.

The previous administration relied heavily on US aid money and still remained one of the poorest countries on earth. 

Whether the Taliban will be removed from the US blacklist and American cash flow will continue to enter Afghanistan is not yet known.

However considering the fact that the US froze the assets, the Taliban’s exclusion from the list, for now, is not being considered.

The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan following the US withdrawal. Ex-President Ashraf Ghani fled from the country, reportedly carrying bags loaded with cash

Many countries including the UK refuse to acknowledge the Taliban as Afghanistan’s leader before the international community discusses the situation.

China on the other hand was the first major country to recognize the Taliban as “the choice of people which must be respected.”