US ready to cooperate with Taliban against ISIL-K

19:05, 02 September 2021
US ready to cooperate with Taliban against ISIL-K

The Pentagon expressed readiness to work with the Taliban* against Afghanistan's branch of ISIL* known as ISIL Khorasan.

Army Gen. Mark Milley who is the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff responded positively to the question of reporters who asked whether there is a possibility of joint American-Taliban cooperation against ISIL-K. 

"It's possible," he said. 

At the same time he proceeded saying that the Taliban is a “ruthless” organization.  

The US military and the Taliban have already cooperated during the evacuations from Kabul airport.

“We were working with the Taliban on a very narrow set of issues and it was just that, to get as many people out as we possibly could,” US Defence Secretary Loyd Austin said in a statement.

However, despite the previous brief period of cooperation Austin said that “It’s hard to predict where this will go in the future with respect to the Taliban.”

ISIL Khorasan started representing a serious threat in Afghanistan after the Taliban freed prisons during their sweeping offensive across Afghanistan setting free ISIL-K fighters.

They were behind the deadly attack on Kabul’s airport which killed dozens including US soldiers.

Earlier, the UK's Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that the UK “will not be recognizing the Taliban any time in the foreseeable future,” adding that there is still a need to cooperate with the Taliban.

Other countries are also starting to cooperate with the Taliban among them Turkey and Qatar that are working towards resuming international flights at Kabul’s airport.

*Taliban and ISIL are terror organizations banned in the US, Russia and many other countries