US to increase number of ships for countering Russia, China

08:42, 11 December 2020
US to increase number of ships for countering Russia, China Photo: US Navy/Global Look Press

By the early 2030s, the number of ships in the US Navy will grow to 355, which is in line with the strategy of countering Russia and China, said US First Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist, TASS reports.

In 10 years, there should be 355 ships in the Navy, and in 20 years - 400. He reminded that the plan is not limited to increasing the number of vessels in the fleet.

The 30-year shipbuilding plan is consistent with the National Defense Strategy (NDS), which recognizes China and Russia as near-peer threats.  To ensure that we maintain superiority over these threats, the NDS requires a modern, ready force to operate in the Pacific maritime region, he added.

The plan calls for a larger fleet of both manned and unmanned vessels prepared to face greater challenges on, above, or under the sea by accelerating submarine construction, modernizing aircraft, extending the service life of cruisers, and increasing the number of destroyers. earlier reported that for the first time in ten years, the Russian Navy ships will conduct joint exercises with NATO countries, including the US and the UK.