Whatsapp blocked two million Indian accounts

19:31, 16 July 2021
Whatsapp blocked two million Indian accounts Photo:

The popular social media messaging app has blocked up to two million accounts in India during May and June for reasons concerning rules violations.

According to the company, up to 95% of the blocked users were banned for exceeding the maximum number of times that the message can be forwarded in India.

Whatsapp has been in the spotlight in India for its alleged role in spreading misinformation, as millions of spammers use the service to spread fake news.

The topic of fake news is especially sensitive in India as previously fake messages resulted in a rise of mob violence and even several cases of death. 

The ban of around two million users comes amid new regulations from the Indian government that must be applied by all tech companies.

Previously Whatsapp refused to comply with the new standard as according to the messages provider, following the guidelines would result in breaking the end-to-end encryption which is essential to the Whatsapp service. 

According to the Indian government itself, the new laws aim to prevent abuse and the spread of misinformation and do not hold any risk for the privacy of the customers. 

Earlier Twitter followed the new rules and appointed several officials that will make sure that everything in India’s Twitter headquarters is done in accordance with the local law.

One of the companies that came under direct fire from the new law is Mastercard which was permanently banned from issuing new credit or debit cards to Indian consumers. 

India is one of the largest markets for Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social media platforms, thus it is expected that sooner or later most companies will try to meet the new standards.