WHO predicts half million more COVID deaths by February 2022

15:03, 04 November 2021
WHO predicts half million more COVID deaths by February 2022 Photo: Thorkild Tylleskar/CC BY-SA 3.0/

The World Health Organization has presumed that the number of COVID-19 deaths in Europe might be increased by half a million by the beginning of 2022.

“The current pace of transmission across the 53 countries of the European Region is of grave concern,” WHO Europe director Hans Kluge said at a press conference adding that such a direction would mean “another half a million COVID-19 deaths” by February if the present plan to curb the pandemic is not changed.

Days earlier, at the end of October, the WHO issued an open letter to G20 leaders on behalf of the million people around the world who are far from homes appealing to implement into practice the idea of vaccine accessibility. It reads that every country must provide anyone, including migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers with all the necessary treatment, coronavirus tests, and vaccines.

The WHO also called on big economy countries for swift action in increasing the provision of vaccines for poor regions.

As of now, the death toll of COVID-19 diseased people exceeded 5 million.