WHO says 'impossible' to eradicate COVID-19 through vaccination

08:21, 05 December 2020
WHO says 'impossible' to eradicate COVID-19 through vaccination Photo: Roman Denisov, Роман Денисов/Global Look Press

Vaccination will not eradicate the coronavirus; it is just one of the existing measures to fight infection. Adding vaccinations to ongoing activities increases the significant likelihood of reducing incidence rates, Michael Ryan, Director of the World Health Organization's Emergency Program, said at a special session of the UN General Assembly on the fight against coronavirus. 

The specialist is confident that people can return to normal life, but this will require significant efforts, TASS reports.

According to the World Health Organization, the situation in Europe and North America remains most critical. reported earlier that according to the director of the WHO emergency program Michael Ryan, the world would not have enough coronavirus vaccines in the next three to six months.