Wild bear breaks into family’s house in Canada (PHOTO)

09:14, 20 October 2021
Wild bear breaks into family’s house in Canada (PHOTO)

A bear broke into a house of a family near Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, breaking the gaming devices.

A family member, Sean Reddy, could take several photos, in one of which a bear was seen in a room, standing on the hind legs. It happened after Reddy’s dogs surrounded a bear in a garage.

Some later, Reddy went out to check his garage and also to make sure his dogs were safe. The man couldn’t see any presence of a bear making an assumption the predator had fled. 

He was wrong. Reddy added that his 10-year-old son said he heard unclear sounds very similar to scratching indoors. It turned out that the cunning bear managed to get into the house through a window. Surely, the animal smashed a frame. 

The photo from Sean Reddy’s Facebook page depicts the bear in the room standing before his son's computer.

As soon as it became known how the bear managed to break into the house, the following question had arisen - how to get him out of there.

Reddy asked his neighbor to assist in the operation of expelling the bear. Along with the neighbor, Reddy barricaded the door room with a bookshelf and other different heavy items that may protect them from the bear in order if the animal would have gone out of his mind and turned aggressive. In addition, it left only one choice for the bear to escape from the room - the same way he got into the house - through the window.

After the bear had gone, the man said there was no significant damage to the house afflicted by the bear. The wandering animal destroyed a PC monitor and ate the cereal leftovers. 

Alberta officials and Reddy said that a bear trap has been established in the backyard of the house, but the predator hasn’t returned yet.