William Shatner sets record as oldest person to visit space

21:09, 13 October 2021
William Shatner sets record as oldest person to visit space Photo:

The famous Canadian actor William Shatner who is 90-years-old was the oldest person in Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin flight breaking the world’s record.

Shatner, among 3 other passengers, enjoyed over 10 minutes of the flight with almost four of them being in weightlessness with great panoramic views of the earth and the cosmos.

Bezos himself welcomed the crew as they returned to earth back from their flight on the hydrogen-fueled rocket. 

"It was so moving to me. This experience is something unbelievable. I'm so filled with emotion about what just happened ... it's extraordinary," Shatner told Bezos.

"I hope I never recover from this. I hope that I can maintain what I feel now. I don't want to lose it," he added.

Before his flight Shatner said that his dream is to see the earth from a new perspective and “see what we need to do to save Earth."

Despite Shatner being more of a passenger than a real astronaut, many professionals applauded him and welcomed him to the space crew.

"I'm impressed. I mean, he's 90-years-old and showing that somebody at his age can actually fly to space," Matthias Maurer, a European Space Agency astronaut said in an interview.

"Even if it's, let's say, just a suborbital flight, I'm highly impressed, and I wish him all the best. Hopefully it will be the experience of a lifetime. And yeah, I hope many more people will follow his steps and also experience space," he added.